Fuel consumption calculator and information

Below are some tips for recording your fuel economy...

Here's a step-by-step procedure on how to get you cars raw fuel consumption figures onto paper first so you can then you can actually make use of the program:

Fill up your tank full.
Reset the travel odometer clock
Travel until you've almost conumsed a full tank.
Fill it up full again.
Record the number of Litres/gallons entered.
Record the kilometres/miles travelled (from the reset odometer).

Please note that the accuracy of your results depends greatly on you following these steps.  The accuracy is not 100% anyway, but is within a 10 to 15% error margin.  This is due to filling up at the pumps, as it's hard to fill right up exactly and put in the exact amount you just used.

Please note: In Australia we talk in metric, however do refer to mpg referencing to English gallons not US.  There is a large difference in the two.  My program displays both though! :)

Click here to view some graphs.

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